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Hi there!  My name is Brian and I'm the host of Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast.  I have been an avid angler since I was a kid and unfortunately, didn't get out to fish nearly as much I would like to tell you.  While I was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California, I only went fishing a handful of times and regret that decision as there was so much fishing available.  After retiring from the Marines, I traveled the country with my family in an RV for two years and fished so many different places, all unsuccessfully.  I was the worst angler that you ever met!  I found out about surf fishing while watching YouTube and was completely enthralled by it.  We moved to Navarre, Florida and I began my journey and I haven't looked back!

While learning as I was going, I realized the YouTube market was completely saturated with content but felt like something was missing.  I was co-hosting a podcast with a friend and was encouraged to start one on surf fishing.  In doing so, Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast was born and has been thriving ever since.  I now do surf, kayak, and inshore salt water fishing successfully! I've learned from so many people that I wanted to bring you that same knowledge plus more and I can do that through this platform.  I hope you enjoy the ride and learn something from each episode as I absolutely have!

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