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Your Saltwater Guide, Capt. Dave Hansen

I constantly search for content and encountered Captain Dave Hansen of Your Saltwater Guide social media posts. I was instantly enthralled with the information he was putting out and couldn’t wait to try and get him on the show. The funny part while doing this was not realizing who Capt. Dave was. I’ll be honest; I’m not great about following many people via social media unless it is from word of mouth or I see it while doom scrolling. The last part is actually how I found him.

Thankfully, Capt. Dave was kind in coming on my show and talking to me through all of the questions and killing every single one of them in a manner that felt more like a master class than a simple Q&A. This man has been fishing his entire life and was one of the original pioneers in the sharing knowledge game.

To the point that he brought up when he released a VHS (yes, you read those letters correctly) that helped more people than can be counted. He furthered it by running a business where he went on your boat with you and taught you everything! That’s more than winning! Fast forward to today, where he has a thriving app (Apple Android) available for download and a pay-for-service for further knowledge via his website.

While Capt Dave now hangs his hat down in Baja and runs up to SoCal, he hasn’t slowed down on the knowledge sharing. He drops several videos a week and has been showing you HOW to do the things he does. He isn’t holding back either, as you can tell he is genuinely giving this information to the future of anglers.

Several points throughout the show also emphasize the importance of teaching the next generation—his point on letting kids reel in the fish absolutely is classic, Capt Dave.

You’ll know it when you hear it. This episode hits you in all the right places with knowledge, feelings, and tips to be a better angler. You won’t want to miss any of it.

Thank you again, Capt Dave, for coming on the show and sharing the knowledge with all of us. We are significantly better for it.

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