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Disney Fort Wilderness Campground

For those of you that know us, we have a slight Disney addiction. Those that are just joining us on the journey, Disney has been a big part of our family and our memories. From just the usual visit, us getting engaged on a Disney Cruise, and the joining Disney Vacation Club so we could plan out other vacations to see the mouse through the years. One thing we never knew about was Fort Wilderness Campground. It wasn’t something that we had ever needed until we got Rex. Yes, I put the word needed (you’ll understand why I say that) there. When we went down to Florida to see my brother graduate High School, we needed a place to camp. There are several state parks that were near my parents house and the school that we could have easily stayed in, but my Mom brought up Ft. Wilderness on Disney property. Not knowing anything about this, I looked it up and went down the rabbit hole of happiness.

My little brother finally graduating High School

Now, if you know Disney, nothing is done halfway. Its always set up for the highest customer experience so that you will want to visit again and again through the years. Much like the resorts on property the RV/Camping area is no different in regards to cleanliness, Disney Magic, and availability to get around the property. When you drive in you are greeted at the gate by a cast member, given your magic bands, directed to your campsite, and given packets with plenty of information about the campgrounds and surrounding areas. You drive a little further down the road and there is a place to disconnect your TOAD (tow vehicle) that is safely out of the way. On the other side is a matching spot to hook up when you depart. If you drive a rig, you can appreciate that because normally, you’re just hoping for a small patch of open area to unhook/hook-up. Then you’re on your way to your spot. Oh, watch out for deer and turkeys. They love people.

The spots are perfect for RV and tent camping, bordering on too perfect. They are all paved driveway style lots that can accommodate some of the largest rigs out there, full hook ups, 30 and 50 amp service, a sandy area for tents in the back end of the spot if desired, a picnic table, extremely level with good drainage for the Florida rain, and enough space for pop-outs if your rig happens to have those (I envy you if you do). The neighbors on both sides are hidden behind a nice row of bushes so it is a little more private and the area behind us was an open field so it gave a bit of a view. Other spots are just about the same so it isn’t much different as you go. The roads are mostly one way into your spot. This means that it is a bit narrow as well when you drive. Cars/TOAD’s need to park off the road and it can be a bit tricky when they are not completely in the spot so take your time driving there. If your car or trailer cannot fit in the spot, there is an overflow lot at the front of the campground. I saw a lot of trailers/cargo containers there standing by for that reason. It is strictly enforced about the rig in the spot there so keep that in mind.

There are shower and bathhouses readily available close to most of the spots and are maintained by the cast members every few hours. These things were extremely clean each time we used them. There is also laundry available in them however, it was very pricey, but they worked well enough so there is that. If you’re in need of laundry service or dry cleaning, Disney handles it all and you just need to find a Cast Member to assist you with this. There is a nice little hidden item available for rent at the front of the park…golf carts. You’d think this is a gimmick but I promise it’s worth it. This campground is huge! You can get around with your bike or walking if you wish. There is a lot of parking for the carts at all of the locations you would need it so do not fret your head about parking it for the day when you abandon the campground and explore Magic Kingdom.

The area around the camp has plenty of supporting fun for the kiddos. Lots of playgrounds, pools, a family gathering area with fire pit (there is a smores night!) & outdoor movie area, and the lagoon has water activities available (fishing and sight seeing). The pools are extremely fun for everyone in the family. Abby absolutely loved them with the slides and splash pad but there is also a full size pool for everyone to use. I think she spent one full day there just swimming away the day. Not too shabby if you ask me. At the pool, there is an arcade and other kids activities (archery, bingo, games) available while there. There is horseback, carriage, and wagon rides available at the horse drawn excursions area by the restaurant/shop area. This was kind of cool to see but we didn’t get to do this time. Likely will when we go back though because it’s a regret we missed it.

There are some wonderful nighttime activities for the kids and families too. There is a schedule given when you check in and is posted in many places so you do not miss out on anything. The smores time is a lot of fun at the fire pit! Bring your own roasting sticks and supplies if you like but there are some there available for you to use (buy and use). There are also movie nights where you sit out under the stars watching classic Disney movies. Does it get any better?

Food is available with some pretty amazing options available for you. If you can do brunch, I HIGHLY recommend at Trail’s End Restaurant. Just the pork belly bacon alone was worth every single penny we spent that morning (thinking about it, my mouth is watering). The cream de la cream though is the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. Simple explanation is dinner and a show but oh so good. Fried chicken dinner that is mouth watering, sides galore, a very tasty desert, and a great show filled with music & dancing sure to bring a smile to every face in the family. This however comes with a price tag that hurts (adults are $64-$72 per person and kids 3-9 are $38-$43 per). Being you’ll do it once, it is worth it if the kiddo’s are a smidge older.

Getting around the world of Disney is very easy from this location. You can take the ferry to and from Magic Kingdom or to downtown Disney at the dock area in the lagoon. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can take the Disney bus, which is located at the front of the campground. This will take you everywhere you could want to go on property depending on which bus you take. If your feeling super froggy, you could just jump in a “Minnie Van” and get around like that (one day, I’ll totally do this!). You really can (should in my opinion) get around the entire property via Disney Transportation. Very well thought out and simplifies everything for you.

The bottom line is that we absolutely loved staying at Fort Wilderness. I wish we could stay there for weeks but sadly, that isn’t in the budget. If you can camp there, I cannot recommend it enough. Do it at least once to experience the fun and magic of it. You absolutely will not regret it.

You can't do Disney without a Mickey Bar!

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