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Gomexus Power Knob for Shimano Socorro

I recently saw that Gomexus was looking for anglers to try out some of their gear on a few reels after my buddy Mike of Smitty's Surf Fishing Charters got in with them. I also had to jump on this and send in my name for consideration. I was beyond thrilled when I got the email confirming I was accepted to join up and try some of these new knobs. I have a couple of different reels to get in writing, but this one is up and running (quite well, I will add), and I wanted to walk you through what I've felt and how the installation went.

Shimano Stock Knob and Gomexus Direct Fit Replacement Knob

Disassembly is a breeze on the stock Socorro knob. Remove the outer screw cap, remove the retaining screw, and pull everything up and out. Easy day! The installation of the new knob was pretty simple, but there were a few of those "wait….that's not right" moments along the way.

The Instructions

There are two bearings: One for the lower portion of the shaft and one for the upper part of the shaft. If you have the style I do (Shimano Handle Shaft Type B), you have a smaller portion at the top and only one bearing will fit there. If you put the wrong bearing on first, you will not be able to put the knob on. Not saying I grabbed the wrong bearing first (ok, I did), but it was a quick view of "ah yes, that's not right."

(Left) Lower Bearing Installed (Right) Upper Bearing Installed

The Adjustment washer that goes below the bearing isn't required. The bearing sits just fine on the shaft, and the knob has enough clearance to spin freely. If yours does have play/lateral movement after installation, you might need to install one of those washers.

The upper bearing and screw will require a little patience and finesse. I dropped the bearing in and got it on the first (super lucky) try, seated it with a small flathead, and attached the screw. I dropped that onto the shaft hoping to get lucky (failed) but had to tip it over to get it back out. I put the screw on my screwdriver, turned the reel upward, and pushed the screw up into the shaft. I did not start to tighten it right away. I put the reel back down and turned the screw to the left twice. Doing so ensured that I wouldn't cross-thread it when I started turning it right. Finally, I tightened it up and installed the outer cap screw. The knob has no play and spins even better than the stock one.

(Left) upper bearing view down (Center) Screw installed (Right) Putting on End Cap

The stock knob for the Socorro is entirely satisfactory, and I haven't had an issue with it since my purchase. The Gomexus one, however, is a lot smoother on the rotation. The grip is comfortable and does not feel oversized for the reel. I've enjoyed the rotation and the balance it has on the reel. It is an excellent addition to the reel, and the comfort is a little more. Plus, a little bling is never a bad thing. I love the color scheme on this knob, and it is an excellent complement to the gold shine of the Socorro series. This knob upgrade was a perfect addition, and I'm glad to have it on my reel.

The Finished Product

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