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Learning Fishing & Casting From World Famous Tommy Farmer

When you’re talking long-distance casting and the abilities to do it, you’ll likely hear the name Tommy Farmer come up. Holder of many records and wins of these long-cast events, he has been sharing what he knows and how to do it. You’ll find more in-depth information about the hows if you do a simple internet search or a YouTube one, and you’ll indeed walk away knowing more.

In this episode, though, I wanted to go a different route. Mr. Farmer has spoken at length about how he casts, but I didn’t find much about how he fishes. We went down the rabbit hole, and he did not disappoint! He went in-depth about how he fishes off the North Carolina coast and in other areas that he has been to. A particular note he shared with me was that he does the same thing no matter where he is fishing. See….the basics will take you anywhere in this delightful sport.

He broke it down on the casting into five keys to get the distance. They are….in the episode! This one, however, also has a bonus; it is a video one. If you’ve been following the show for a while, you know I do not do videos very often (mainly because of editing requirements). He showed us the straightforward steps and the visual aid will help someone.

If that was not enough for you, he also has a DV available for you to get your hands on called Comprehensive Guide To Power Casting available on his website (hyperlinked to make it easier) of Carolina Cast Pro. If you want/need more distance, this is a simple place to stop.

One thing I took away from this was I have never been drift fishing. It is the standard when fishing off the point in NC, but it is also something you can do at your beach! The important part that he mentioned was keeping that line directly in front of you as you walk down the beach. He said the “congo line” can run smoothly when everyone does the same thing, and walking with your line makes all the difference. I might have to get those bank sinkers out in this area and try it.

Thanks again, Tommy, for coming to the show and helping us all learn something new. Your experience and willingness to share are appreciated by all willing to take the time to do so!

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