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Product Review: Ocean Sun Clip-On Light Stick

I love nighttime surf fishing! Here is our most recent day into night video. There is just something about it seeing your rod tip dance with a glow stick attached that brings a different adrenaline type when reeling in a fish. I also seem to have more hits at night, no matter what kind of bait I am using. Granted, I catch a lot more catfish, and it doesn't even slightly deter me from going out there. The only issue I had when going out fishing at night was finding a glow stick (chem light is what I usually call them) that would stay on my rod. That issue has been solved thanks to these: Ocean Sun Clip-On Light Stick.

Nighttime fishing is one thing that I did as a kid on the lake when I was at summer camp. It was an easy way to catch a bass that was not suspecting that they were being targeted. It wasn't something I had thought about when I started surf fishing until I decided to stay out one night after a very unproductive day at the beach. I hung some chem sticks I picked up from WalMart® from the end of my rod and sat back with the hope that something would happen. I didn't have to wait long! Within 15 minutes, one of my rods started bouncing hard from a solid strike, and the game was on. I reeled in my first Hardhead Catfish. A few minutes later, another rod went off, and I reeled in my first flounder! I was energized and vowed to do this again.

WalMart Glow sticks attached with tape

I went out again not too long after that night and tried a second time. This time though, I was annoyed at my chem stick not holding onto the rod with each cast. I attached them with electrical tape to keep them in position but found that it only caused more issues with the line getting fouled and the rare event where the stick fell off the rod. That was annoying, and I spent more time dealing with the lights than enjoying my time fishing. I knew there had to be another way to make this less of a PITA.

I found the Ocean Sun Clip-On Lightsticks and ordered a set. They looked like it could be a solid fix to my issue as they were small, lightweight, and had opposing grips so that you twist them to attach them to your rod. The only question I had, though, was what size to use. I do not have a micrometer (I need to get one now that I've said that), so I did not know my rod tip size. I did a little web search and found that my tips should be in the XL category, so I ordered them. When they came in, I quickly opened it and attached it to my rods. It fits each one except my Shimano FX, but I slid it a little further down from the tip, and it fit nicely. It was time for a test!

I went to the beach and started fishing. When the sun got ready to set, I changed my bait, cracked my chem sticks, and installed them on the tip of my rods. I checked to make sure that the line wasn't going to be fouled by the rod, and it all seemed clear. With that done, I made my way to the shoreline and set up to cast. Line length good, pinch the line, open the bail, set up to launch, and let it rip! I watched my sputnik fly to its destination and saw the bright glow of green sitting on the end of my rod in the same position as I installed it not 2 minutes prior! It held! I repeated the same thing with each of my other rods and was rewarded with the same result. I was now fishing four rods with glowing chem sticks and not worried about them falling off.

Camera didn't want to focus but the green dots are the sticks

Once the sun went beyond the horizon, the night bite was on. I didn't have to wait long, and my first strike happened. The rod tip bent hard and started bouncing with a fish waiting to be reeled in. I pulled the rod from the cradle and started reeling. The chem stick did not move from its position no matter how much the tip was bouncing or moved around from me reeling or the fish shaking its head. In came another Hardhead catfish. I removed it, sent it back out to the water with a happy "thank you," and cast it back out for another round. Another rod went off a few moments later, and it was time to try it on a different setup. Same results through the fight, and this time I brought in a Kingfish (whiting). Cast out to go again and no issues. This process was repeated several times with the same results, and I knew I found the perfect chem sticks that I would use from now on.

On a recent venture, I took my lights out and fished from 5 PM to 11 PM. We pulled in plenty of catfish and whiting while we were out there, and it was a blast. The next evening, I went into my garage, and before I turned on the lights, I noticed my chem sticks were still glowing. 24 hours later, these lights were still very bright. I decided that it must be a sign, so I went back out fishing that evening. More fishing time isn't a bad thing, right? They were glowing through the whole event though only a little dimmer than the night prior but still very much so visible. The next day, I went out to the garage again at about 4:00 PM, and I could even see the chem sticks were still glowing! What is this madness? I've never had a chem stick glowing like that after nearly 48 hours. Sure, it was a little dimmer but not enough for me not to consider fishing again (I didn't this time, adulting sucks).

Sticks still glowing at 36 hours!

With every positive, though, there is a negative. The only bad thing I have to say about these is that you need to pay attention to your line before you cast it out. I had wrapped my line around it a couple of times but was able to feel it before I did anything further. DO NOT CRACK THESE STICKS WITH YOUR TEETH! No, seriously, don't. The plastic is soft and can be punctured relatively easily. You don't want that taste in your mouth (probably don't want the chemicals in there either), as it takes a bit of work to make it go away. Yes, I am telling you this because I learned the hard way.

I'm extremely satisfied with these and recommend them if you are planning on doing some night fishing. I also recommend that if you're going to engage in night surf fishing to bring a buddy and let someone else know where you will be. I routinely drop my location to my wife as soon as my lines hit the water, no matter when I am fishing. Nighttime adds many different safety hazards we take for granted during the day, and it is always good to have a friend there as a backup to assist should anything happen.

Thank you for stopping in this week and checking out my review. If you want something reviewed or have a question, please feel free to reach out to me at, and I will reply as soon as I can. More coming next week, and as always, go forth and do good things!

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