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Seth Silverstein on LBSF & Bull Red Drum Hunting in Georgia

This coming Friday (6/2/23), we talk with Seth Silverstein out of the St. Simons Island, Georgia area about his experiences with Land Based Shark Fishing (LBSF) and beach fishing in the southeast Georgia region. I met Seth when we were fishing in the Kids Can Fish Running of the Bulls tournament, and all that knew him told me that I needed to get him on the show. We finally made that happen!

One of the first stories we discussed was an early memory of Seth fishing in Connecticut on the MiJoy fishing boat. It was something I never knew about him and a funny connection because one of my first memories of fishing in Connecticut was similar. I caught my first blue fish on the Helcat out of New London, and that similarity was a fun trip down memory lane.

Seth has spent years honing & learning his craft of fishing off the Georgia coast, where he has successfully found so many different species of fish to catch. He loves the shark game and going after those big bull red drums as they pass through the area. Along with learning success, he has also learned different tips to make it a little easier when scouting new locations to fish. One, in particular, was the depth and nautical charts for the area. Doing so helped him find a few spots that….well, you’ll have to listen to the show about that.

During my time at the Kids Can Fish tournament, I learned that the beach is long and the tide is ever-moving. Granted, when we fished, we were in a king tide, so we had a bit more than average, but he assured me that it is pretty common to see so much movement in that zone, and it creates ample opportunities to get your hands on some great catches.

While discussing bait options, I learned much more about choice baits for certain species. I know the basics of going after the red drum, but after a couple of little nuggets he dropped on me, I need to update my variety and adjust my tackle setup. What I thought was a surefire-catching method made me realize I was a bit undersized, and this also contributed to my catching the smallest rat red drum in the tournament. Fear not; I will try to retain my King Of The Smalls crown again this year when we go over.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Seth and am incredibly thankful for the time he invested in this episode. I’m sure there will be a few pieces that will help you if you’re heading out to fish in the SSI area of Georgia and where you typically surf fish. I hope you enjoy, no go forth and do good things!

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