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Slot City Fishing

Jesse Walker, Slot City Fishing, came on the show and went into great detail about how he has fished and where throughout his life. As a U.S. Navy pilot, he has been stationed where water is and has been fortunate enough to try his skills at each base. What comes with more fishing opportunities is more success. Add different locations and styles to the mix, and now we are talking skill elevation for life.

I took a lot away from the areas he mentioned: Jacksonville, Florida, and Corpus Christy, Texas. I have only been able to fish Jacksonville, so that I could relate heavily to his experience there. Still, the Texas fishing part only confirmed what I heard in another episode I recorded with David Hughes (you can check that out here too). Dirty water and beach reading are essential in these areas, and the differences in the beaches are mentioned. Jesse broke down how he could successfully fish them after fine-tuning his already strong knowledge of the sport.

Now that he is back in the Panhandle region, he has a leg up on fishing as he has been here before. But with that leg up, he also has the experience to fall back on from his time fishing in the other locations, which will help him dissect the spot he is planning on fishing and revisit winning honey holes that he has used before. You might hear the words "Red snapper from shore" uttered…

We lost track of time while recording this episode, and it quickly became a two-part series. The first will concentrate on Jesse sharing his knowledge and skill on the water he has worked extremely hard to acquire. The next episode will go very in-depth about how he did YouTube and social media, which I think, will help anyone trying to enter that market. His experience has also helped me as I compete for market space to bring you knowledge from each person I speak with. Worth it!

Here's a little piece from the episode:

"Well, the thing about fishing here versus fishing in on the East coast and the Atlantic is you have to be able to cast that far because you can't reach the fish, and then tides are so crazy over there. You may have a 10-foot title coefficient with two tides every day. And at high tide, you can't get out there. You just can't. But yeah, I'm, I'm learning about that. I have a Fathom two casting special, I forget what it's called, and I can cast pretty dang far with it, but I bird nest like 75% of the time I try to do it. So, yeah, 12-foot rods and spinning reels. Something else that I do differently that I haven't seen a whole lot of people do is I use live liner reels."

"Most of my reels are live liner reels because when I first started fishing, I wasn't trying to put meat in the cooler. I was trying to catch the biggest fish that I could. And what I would do is cast net like pinfish or whatever I could get my hands on and then throw them out on a live liner and wait for like a big bull red or, you know, whatever mystery fish is out in the ocean and live line. And that's a very, very, very fun way to fish. If you haven't done that before." –Jesse Walker, Slot City Fishing

Obviously, there is so much more to this, and he takes us down the rabbit hole. Check out the newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing with Slot City Fishing on 2/17/23, where you stream your podcasts.

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