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The Longest Cast Surf Fishing Vol 2 Podcast

The Longest Cast Surf Fishing

By: Brian Demo

The recent episode with Jeremy Evans of The Longest Cast Surf Fishing Vol 2 was outstanding to record. He contacted me, and we discussed doing a second edition where he wanted to give information back to the community about catching a bull red drum from the surf. He hit a home run with it too!

The episode is littered with several great points about rigs and setups, but some parts stood out to me, and he emphasized them.

Bait Options

Fresh horse mullet was his absolute dynamite bait! He would go out before he had a charter and catch them in his cast net. Fresh bait makes all of the difference! You can use other baits (he does and says so), but the fresh mullet was the clincher.

Wire Leader

When he made the switch, he said his catch ratio increased! The break-offs were reduced on both shark and red drum, and he attributes that to the sand abrasion the braided line gets while sitting on the bottom. I oddly never thought about this, with our line always out there waiting for the strike.

Know Your Honey Holes

He said this in the first episode (you can find that here) but brought it up again this time. Knowing those places to fish with the conditions you’re handed makes a considerable difference between a successful day and just another day. Use your time wisely!

The Longest Cast Surf Fishing Rigs

He changed them up a bit!

Experience yields results, and after he saw something he needed to change, he ensured he did it with all of them going forward. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, and you can check out that selection on his website:

Of course, much more was dropped, and it should be beneficial for you in the surf when you’re out there targeting those big red drum! Practice makes perfect, and adjust your technique to hit those wins. What works in his area might be that one piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing or a link to the result. We all learn from each other to become better anglers.

Go forth and do great things!

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