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The Salty Goat Custom Bait

The synthetic bait community is not that large, and you can probably name the companies on one hand. Each has something that sometimes sets it apart from the others and different applications. A newcomer has arrived on the scene, and they came on the show to talk about The Salty Goat Custom Bait.


Nick & Ashley are making their bait at home, in the family kitchen. I won’t pretend to know anything about bait-making, so it was pretty eye-opening when they discussed how they do it. Not to mention the accidents they talked about on the show where one particular batch still has a lingering smell of that day. On the plus side of that batch, they learned something important and have adjusted since.

“I shot the gap perfectly between the other companies,” Nick said in the interview. He was adamant that he didn’t want to be like or copy the other bait manufacturers through the discussion (and off camera, too, when we had our meeting). His packaging and bait are different from the others, and in his recent move, he gave a section of the bait so you can cut it to your specified size and use.

With so much more to discuss, you’ll have to check out the interview to hear all about it. You can find the episode link here:

Nick is a Veteran of the US Army, and Ashley is currently serving on Active Duty in the US Air Force. They are both avid outdoor lovers and have lived that life since childhood. You can reach them at

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