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The Sinker Chronicles Vol 3 Cannon Ball & Frog Tongue

Walls Tackle Supply sent some testing supplies!

Last time out, we used the Arrow, Bank, and Sputnik sinkers for our test. I was taken aback at the results, particularly with the bank sinker, but I hope it was as educational for you as it was for me. Walls Tackle Supply sponsored this next set of tests by providing Cannon Ball and Frog Tongue sinkers to throw. Here are the results from the trial:

The Results

Cannon Ball

4 oz (Left) and 5 oz (right) Cannon Ball Sinkers

Like the name, it is a round ball with a connection point on top. Now, I expected this ball to get out there but was shocked to see that it did not go nearly as far as I had anticipated. These sinkers underwhelmed me as far as distance goes for casting from the beach. However, I found them to be extremely useful in acting as a fish finder for my setup. The ball did sit on the floor of the sand and was only slightly buried. It was free to move with the current and did so with minimal pushing. This rig is an excellent option if you have a light current day, want a fish-finding rig set up, and don't have a bank sinker. I would also recommend it be planned for a midrange rod throw as the max distance I achieved was 149 yards with a 4 oz. and 144 yards on a 5 oz.

The difference in weight with yardage also was a bit of a change for me. I was expecting the 5 oz. to outthrow the 4 oz. with ease, but it was reversed. I can only surmise that to the wind resistance due to the size difference. These balls were not spiraling as they were launched, and the five is slightly bigger than the four. The initial trajectory looked a bit like a tumble and then smoothed out as it flew. They splash down, making minimal splash too, so you surely need to keep an eye on it as it flies.

Frog Tongue

Frog Tongue Sinkers

I've been hearing about these sinkers through Panhandle Surf Fishing for a while but never seemed to seek them out. Almost all of the people I fish with never use these and never mentioned them. Once I brought it up in a post, I was informed that they are better than the pyramid sinkers for flight and hold. I was happy to throw them and see what they were talking about and report that they were correct in what they said. They did fly pretty smoothly and did seem to hold a bit better than the pyramids I've thrown. What I liked significantly more than the pyramid, though, was on the retrieve: very smooth.

Pyramid sinkers, you can feel just about all it is doing as it sits on the bottom the entire time you're bringing it in. The Frog Tongue seems to glide lightly along the bottom back. I did catch a few points where the plow side did bottom back down for a moment but sprung back to the smooth side as I kept reeling. The distance of the 4 oz being so short puzzled me. I threw it eight times to verify that my numbers were correct and that I wasn't messing up. Nope, the numbers brought me to the same range zone. The 5 oz. seemed to be a bit better, running out to 146 yards on average.

I can see the use in this sinker as a much better alternative to the Pyramid or Storm sinker. The flight and retrieve were noticeable different and smoother. The initial tumble of the Frog Tongue did seem to level out pretty quickly after launch. It did not helicopter as it went to the target and produced a decent visible splash when it hit the water. I believe it to be a solid option for your tackle box.

Sputnik 1 & 2

I did take two different companies, Sputnik sinkers, out as well that day to test. I will not name the companies in this article because this was a test for me to see distance differences in brands. I came up with that they were both out to about the same range with minimal distance between the landings. Why does this matter for the test? It matters for the other reason we use Sputniks: Hold and breakaway point. That article is forthcoming but will take a while (I am still searching for a push/pull gauge to do that test).

I have a simulation to show you about them too, but while you're waiting for that article, I'd recommend checking out a YouTube video done recently by Perdido Blane. He threw some sinkers out on the beach so you can see what they look like when they are in the water holding your bait in place.


If I had to choose a winner between these two, I'm picking the Frog Tongue. I like the flight and the holding ability. The cannonball, though fun, does not work in the parameters that I prefer to fish. As a fish-finding rig setup, it is likely deadly and useful. So if that is a style of fishing you like to do, I can see it being an excellent option.

All of these sinkers are available through Walls Tackle Supply via his Etsy Shop. He did a great job packaging them up and had quick shipping through the USPS.

Have you used these sinkers before? Let us know in the comments where you saw this post or in the comments section on here. Thanks for coming by and reading today! If you'd like to request something to be investigated or written about, please send me an email to, and I will get on it. Thanks again, now go forth and do good things!

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Bill Luders
Bill Luders
19 ago 2023

I live in Australia and frog tongue simply are not available here. I will have to make my own molds as freight is prohibitive, can you give me the dimensions of 3oz and 4oz frog tongues please?

Bill from Aus

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