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Why Podcasts?

The digital media space yields an endless supply of knowledge to be gained, no matter your learner type. With the three types of learning most people do (audio, visual, or kinesthetic), you can find what works for you with a couple of keystrokes and be on your way. But with such a hyper-focused world and our attention spans dropping to nanoseconds, it’s a challenge to get all the information out to people and pack so much information in one sitting. So how do you get that information out and not sound like the micro machines guy in the commercials we saw back in the day (yes, I just dated myself, I’m aged)?

The blunt answer is you do it. You tactfully place your segments, try to keep it direct (while also light-hearted), and give the people following you what they want for content. YouTube has been one of the most significant driving forces in educating others on the Internet and, if we are honest, still exists. But with the dawn of reels, shorts, and TikToc, people get a condensed version and decide if they want to click to look at the long form of what you built. This is excellent for the consumer as it is a try-before-you-buy moment, and it’s tough for content creators to ensure they stay relevant and up to par.

I thought of doing a YouTube channel for about 30 seconds and quickly realized that the space was extremely crowded. So much so that it felt like I’d be copying and pasting what the other greats were doing, and I didn’t want that. At the same time, I was the co-host of another podcast with a long-time Marine buddy, and we were having some fun success while just enjoying a conversation. I realized that long-form content was where I wanted to be, and a fishing podcast was the route I would take.

Podcasts are excellent as they can take on audio (primary) and visual (secondary if you want to put it in video) sectors of learning on just about all topics. The easiest way I have thought of them is that we are a radio show without all the commercials, and you can fast-forward, rewind, pause, and pick it up where you left off. One prominent feature I love is that you can lock your phone and listen to them as you continue your day. Though YouTube has said they will make that feature work, they are still playing catch up.

I also chose not to do a video podcast. My guests are all sitting in the comfort of their homes and speaking to me through their phones. Sure, I could do a video conference. Still, after doing a couple of that way, I realized that the audio quality is poor no matter how much editing I do. I can’t expect nor ask my guests to grab a quality microphone and set it up, so the show sounds a little cleaner. I also couldn’t bring you the episodes through the country if I were to try and do face to face interview, so the phone method is the most practical and straightforward way to accomplish the goal.

Live Podcast with Ninja Tackle Owner Matt Poole

Another reason for this method is that we all talk on the phone. We are comfortable with it as it is a social norm, and the nerves of the guest are a little less present. Public speaking isn’t everyone’s happiness and adding a camera, which not everyone likes, is a recipe for stumbling and reservations while talking. Take out the things that make the guest uncomfortable, and you’ll get more. While it can also take some people to warm up on the phone, you’ll still get more quality conversation than not. If you’ve listened to the show, you’ve heard a couple of interviews where it started, and you can tell that the guest is reserved, but after a few minutes, they are flowing like a dam broke.

As of the start of 2023, there are over 3 million podcasts out there that cover just about any topic of interest. Fishing podcasts are available throughout our industry and almost every state! If I wanted to learn about bass fishing, from a kayak, in Missouri, I could find a couple of shows about it (no, really, there are). But it is long-form content, and you have to be willing to invest the time to listen to it. You didn’t start fishing by learning from someone in 30 seconds, did you? No, it’s a long process, and you were invested in it (whether voluntary or not is a different discussion).

We all follow something to learn, and podcasts are just another platform that makes it available at the touch of your fingers. You listen to books through your phone, you listen to radio stations, you listen to YouTube, you listen to others while combing social media, you listen to opinions throughout the day, and you listen to learn in life. Why wouldn’t you listen to podcasts as well?

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